Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

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A letter with an enclosed article, titled "Ex-Communist Testifies On Red Goals in South" from frequent correspondent Landon Lane to Abbitt. The article suggested that the Communist Party of the United States of America sought to foster racial…

An issue of Common Sense, self-proclaimed as "The Nation's Anti-Communist Newspaper", with a focus on the relationship between communism and "race-mixing".

In this letter, managing editor of The Suffolk News-Herald, Robert R. Hardy, sent Abbitt a clipping which included Abbitt's statement on gun control which Hardy reports has had a very favorable response.

An editorial from the Farmville Herald endorsing Abbitt for re-election in 1968. The Herald editorial described his opponent, S.W. Tucker, as having "but one qualification" for office--service as NAACP council--and “no practical experience in…

This newspaper clipping contains a collage of photographs of Abbitt going about his daily routines at the Capitol, including arriving, talking on the phone, walking with students, taking the subway, and attending a committee meeting.

Newspaper editorial from Farmville Herald congratulating Abbitt on preventing the passing of a bill seen as unfavorable to growers of dark-fired tobacco

Editorial in the FarmVille Herald objecting to negative economic consequences for Virginia farmers of grouping of Type 21 Virginian grown with Type 22, 23 and 24 in the tobacco allotment program.

An unnamed writer sent Abbitt a newspaper clipping about a program designed to educate high school and college students about health risks of smoking. The writer declared: “This will hurt your great tobacco industry that has advertisements showing…

Newspaper article describing how Philippine tobacco farmers had filed suit to halt U.S. importation of 4.7 million kilograms of tobacco into the country; the farmers argued that there was no shortage of Virginia Tobacco in the Philippines.

This article from the Chattanooga Times was sent to Watkins Abbitt by a friend. The article refers to the controversy regarding Ross Bass and Governor Clement with regard to the Tennessee Senator's seat. Abbitt claimed that Ross Bass was a constant…
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