Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

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Newspaper article describing how Philippine tobacco farmers had filed suit to halt U.S. importation of 4.7 million kilograms of tobacco into the country; the farmers argued that there was no shortage of Virginia Tobacco in the Philippines.

This letter from Abbitt to the US Ambassador to the Philippines concerns the tobacco trade to the Philippines; Abbitt outlined the situation as he saw it and argued that certain trade agreements between the U.S. and the Philippines should be…

This newspaper article announced the Philippine Cabinet's decision to allow the import of Virginia tobacco, before a subsequent President reversed this decision.

In this statement by the Philippine President Macapagal about the importation of Virginia tobacco, he claimed that the tobacco was brought in illegally, and said that it would not be seized but would be shipped out of the country. He also noted that…

Letter to Harry Byrd explaining the Philippine tobacco situation; Abbitt outlined the situation as a whole, and gave his opinion of what should be done, namely, that Philippine sugar growers should not be given additional quotas for their product as…

Paul Goddard of Burley Stabilization Corporation wrote Abbitt to praise the conclusion of the Philippine tobacco situation as a victory for the American tobacco farmer. Abbitt expressed his agreement in his reply.
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