Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

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This letter from Dr. L.D. Whitaker includes an original poem about the corruption he believed exists in the federal government.

Letter from the Law Alumni Association to Abbitt to thank him for his $500 contribution to the University of Richmond Law School Building Fund. The letter is covered with Abbitt's doodles.

Letter from Abbitt to the tobacco growers of Japan and the reply of Daizo Tanaka, chairman of the Central Federation of the Tobacco Growers' Association of Japan. Abbitt wanted to renew or increase tobacco trade relationships with Japan, arguing…

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This correspondence begins with a letter from Peter J. Salmon, Chairman of the Shotwell Memorial Award Committee and Executive Director of the Industrial Home for the Blind. He wrote to inform Abbitt that Helen Keller had earned the Shotwell Award…

This letter from B. F. Few includes a pamphlet entitled "About Cigarettes and Taxes" by Hugh Crane to argue against higher taxes in tobacco states.

Mrs. C. Kittelson of Grafton, North Dakota wrote to Abbitt suggesting that the Pentagon was sending too many soldiers overseas against the wishes of the people and Congress. "Let the world know that the 'Death Bomb' is the penalty for aggression, but…


Nelson Cockes sent a letter and six petitions to Abbitt regarding the peanut program. These petitions, signed by dozens of peanut growers in Surry Country Virginia, urged support for Senate Bill No. 742.


John E. Snow, Jr. of Richmond, Virginia wrote letters to both Abbitt and John Vaughn, Congressman representing Richmond, Virginia, asking them to intervene to stop the Army from building a new Armory building in his neighborhood off Laburnum Avenue.…

L.D. Whitaker of Farmville, Virginia, sent Abbitt a poem he had penned for the Farmville Herald entitled “Washington Alphabet.” The poem criticized Truman's Fair deal and “wasteful government” that “thinks up ways to tax us.”

This letter from Mrs. Virginia Reibsamen of Spring Grove, VA was written shortly after the Brown v. Board decision. It describes her disapproval, as a mother, of the Supreme Court decision to integrate. Abbitt responded by sympathizing and said that…
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