Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

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This letter, sent by William Rawlings, Executive-Secretary of the Association of Virginia Peanut and Hog Growers, as well as a Virginian State Senator, is a friendly correspondence with Abbitt concerning the peanut industry. The two had a…

Ben Birdsong of Suffolk, Virginia wrote to Abbitt with concerns about the acreage ceiling in a pending Cotton-Peanut bill.. Watkins responded that he supported Birdsong's thoughts on the ceiling, and was attempting to remedy the situation.


Letter from Abbitt to the tobacco growers of Japan and the reply of Daizo Tanaka, chairman of the Central Federation of the Tobacco Growers' Association of Japan. Abbitt wanted to renew or increase tobacco trade relationships with Japan, arguing…

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This letter from B. F. Few includes a pamphlet entitled "About Cigarettes and Taxes" by Hugh Crane to argue against higher taxes in tobacco states.

Nelson Cockes sent a letter and six petitions to Abbitt regarding the peanut program. These petitions, signed by dozens of peanut growers in Surry Country Virginia, urged support for Senate Bill No. 742.


H.L. Overstreet of Montvale, Virginia wrote to Abbitt, concerned that the price support program for Burley tobacco was rigged against the “little allotment grower.” Abbitt replied that the "little tobacco farmer is having a pretty hard time right…


A letter from J.W. Cunnington of the Dunnington Tobacco Company in Farmville, Virginia, discussing the Dark Fired Virginia contract with the government and the proposed changes to the contract. Cunnington expressed disagreement with the contract's…


Newton of Williamston, North Carolina, wrote to Abbitt to discuss problems surrounding the surplus of tobacco and the separation of Type 21 Virginian dark-fired tobacco from Type 22, 23, and 24 Kentucky and Tennessee tobacco. Abbitt thanked Newton…


A correspondence between Abbitt and Gilliam of Church Road, Virginia, regarding a House bill about the curing of tobacco.


Letter from Burr P. Harrison to J. Warren Goodwin about a conversation between himself and Abbitt. Abbitt told Harrison that the Nelson and Amherst county was in favor of the Type 21 dark-fired tobacco separation bill. Harrison questioned this,…


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