Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

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This is a copy of a document listing the bills and resolutions introduced by Abbitt in the 82nd Congress, including bills about commemorative stamps, tobacco, peanuts, the Appomattox Courthouse National Monument, and the establishment of the Air…

Newspaper editorial from Farmville Herald congratulating Abbitt on preventing the passing of a bill seen as unfavorable to growers of dark-fired tobacco

Editorial in the FarmVille Herald objecting to negative economic consequences for Virginia farmers of grouping of Type 21 Virginian grown with Type 22, 23 and 24 in the tobacco allotment program.

These three photographs illustrate the process by which tobacco was cured in the U.S. South.


An unnamed writer sent Abbitt a newspaper clipping about a program designed to educate high school and college students about health risks of smoking. The writer declared: “This will hurt your great tobacco industry that has advertisements showing…

A letter with signatories missing urging President-elect John F. Kennedy to balance conservation and development in the lumber industry. The letter includes specific proposals.

A photo of the Tobacco Subcommittee of the House Committee on Agriculture. The photo was located in a file on the subcommittee, behind the telegrams and articles concerning Ross Bass; however Bass does not appear to be present.

Tobacco producers petitioned Watkins M. Abbitt in response to proposed acreage-poundage laws. This petition includes the petition itself and roughly two pages of signatures.


J.P. Durham, Jr., Assist Vice President of Seabord Air Line Railroads of Norfolk, Virginia shown in photograph presenting a photograph of Seabord trains to Abbitt as G.C. Tate, Seabord’s Washington representative looked on. Description on back of…

A medical journal article investigating and discussing the evidence linking smoking to different forms of cancer.
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