Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

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Nelson Cockes sent a letter and six petitions to Abbitt regarding the peanut program. These petitions, signed by dozens of peanut growers in Surry Country Virginia, urged support for Senate Bill No. 742.


A series of pamphlets charging U.S. cigarette companies with using "Communist Tobacco," created by the Committee to Warn of the Arrival of Communist Merchandise on the Local Business Scene. This piece of propaganda also includes letters from R. J.…

Editorial in the FarmVille Herald objecting to negative economic consequences for Virginia farmers of grouping of Type 21 Virginian grown with Type 22, 23 and 24 in the tobacco allotment program.

Ben Birdsong of Suffolk, Virginia wrote to Abbitt with concerns about the acreage ceiling in a pending Cotton-Peanut bill.. Watkins responded that he supported Birdsong's thoughts on the ceiling, and was attempting to remedy the situation.


These three photographs illustrate the process by which tobacco was cured in the U.S. South.


This grouping of documents consists of two letters sent by J. W. Dunnington to both Senators Byrd and Robertson explaining how Watt Abbitt was able to pass the Matthews Bill in the House of Representatives. The two men clearly have a large influence…

Victor L. Anfuso, Democratic Congressmen from New York’s 8th district wrote to Harold Cooley, chair of the House Agriculture committee to tell him that he was resigning his place on the committee under the direction of Democratic Party leaders in…

This pamphlet, released by the Tobacco Growers Information Committee, includes differing opinions on the cause of lung cancer. The committee stated that the aim of the pamphlet was to inform readers on the importance of tobacco in the national…

A resolution adopted by the Tobacco Industry Committee for the maintenance of the program for stabilizing prices of tobacco and recommending increases in price support proportional to rising costs to farmers for commodities purchased. Included in the…


Clarence Little, Scientific Director of the Tobacco Industry Research Committee, replied in the negative to a query by Abbitt about whether there were any new findings in support of significant connections between smoking and lung cancer. Abbitt…
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