Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

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A page from 1931 edition of The Web, the University of Richmond's yearbook, showing Watkins Moorman Abbitt and his brother G.F. Abbitt, Jr. Abbitt's listed accomplishments included membership in Delta Theta Pi, vice-president of student…

Tom B. Fugate, president of the Peoples Bank of Ewing, wrote to Abbitt that he had heard Abbitt was considering not running for office again and urging him not to. “Virginia Agriculture and the Virginia economy need your service.” Abbitt replied…

This photograph of Abbitt shaking hands with a young man was likely taken In Abbitt's office in August of 1968.

Photograph of Abbitt Receiving the Watchdog of the Treasury Award from John C. Mason, president of National Associated Businessmen

A photo taken from the 1968 Democratic National Congressional Convention

A photographic portrait of Watkins M. Abbitt


Watkins M. Abbitt sits behind his office desk.


Personal correspondence to Watkins Moorman Abbitt from General Alfred B. Denniston. The letter's enclosure pertains to congressional assistance needed by the General's great grandmother in 1856 to rectify a land deed matter due to her husband's…

Personal notebook of Watkins M. Abbitt with reminders about meetings and to-do lists, including a note about a meeting with Dr. Joe Eggleston at Hamden-Sydney.

In this letter, Hughes, a childhood friend of Abbitt apologizes for hitting him in the head with a baseball many years earlier, causing him to go deaf in one ear. Hughes said that he heard Abbitt had been accused of draft dodging due to this deafness…


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