Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

Social and Fiscal Policy


Social and Fiscal Policy


A collection of items in the collection related to social and fiscal policy, including laws, proposed legislation about, or discussion of, government spending, social security, immigration, medicare, welfare, minimum wage, housing, labor, policing, and gun control.



Items in the Social and Fiscal Policy Collection

A.E. Hyatt of Petersburg, Virginia wrote to Abbitt about a $5 million plan for revisions to the U.S. Capitol Building. Hyatt objected to the materials, cost, and potential "radical" style of "modern architects.". Hyatt prefered to let the "sandstone…

This pamphlet, published by the Duval County Federation for Constitutional Government of Jacksonville, Florida, accused the NAACP, Americans for Democratic Action, World federalists, and other "leftist organizations” of carrying out “an organized…

An official document authored by the U.S. Department of State outlining the exact set of steps for obtaining exit documentation from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This document details the legal actions that a person desiring to leave the…

This document produced by the U.S. Department of Labor provided a clear outline of the preference system created under the 1965 Amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act. The Bureau of Employment Security within the U.S. Department of Labor…

This document is the official public law, known as the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 or the Hart-Celler Act, that abolished the National Origins Formula that had controlled U.S. Immigration since 1921. This act replaced the national quota…

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