Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973

Foreign Affairs


Foreign Affairs


A collection of documents related to the Cold War, military engagement, foreign aid, foreign exports and trade relations, the Soviet Union, and the Vietnam War and the Korean War.



Items in the Foreign Affairs Collection

David Gardner, a twenty-year old man who was incarcerated at the Petersburg Virginia Federal Reformatory, wrote to Abbitt in hopes that the rest of his sentence could be completed in Vietnam as a member of the Marine Corps. Abbitt replied that…

This series of correspondence to Abbitt was initiated by Ben Birdsong of Suffolk,Virginia, in response to correspondence that he received from William V. Ritchie of Downy ,California. The information that Ritchie sent to Birdsong revealed that a…

In this press release, Abbitt called for the United States to avoid active intervention in Indo-China conflict and declared he would oppose the sending of troops into the conflict unless "absolutely certain" the "loss" of the entire Southeast Asia…

In his letter, Gregory opposed the Abbitt administration's large monetary contribution to the Department of Agriculture. Gregory wrote about the potential implications of this action.

Mrs. C. Kittelson of Grafton, North Dakota wrote to Abbitt suggesting that the Pentagon was sending too many soldiers overseas against the wishes of the people and Congress. "Let the world know that the 'Death Bomb' is the penalty for aggression, but…

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