Dear Congressman Abbitt

“Dear Congressman Abbitt”

Virginians and National Politics, 1948-1973





This collection contains documents which discuss tobacco and agriculture. Specifically these documents show the change in legislation regarding peanuts and tobacco over the time period that Abbitt was in the House of Representatives. This collection also reflects the discussion on the relationship between tobacco and cancers that was on going during this time. This topic is especially telling of Abbitt as he served as the chairman of the Tobacco Sub-Committee for a part of his time in the House of Representatives.

Items in the Agriculture Collection

These two letters begin with one from Bess Walford of the Philip Morris tobacco company. She thanked Abbitt for lending the company the unpublished transcripts of a joint hearing on the use of reconstituted tobacco that he had borrowed for them.

This letter from B. F. Few includes a pamphlet entitled "About Cigarettes and Taxes" by Hugh Crane to argue against higher taxes in tobacco states.

George D. Gillespie wrote to Abbitt in response to an article by Abbitt published in the American Legion magazine (January 1966). In his letter, Gillespie contended that cigarette smoking helped him overcome tuberculosis and objected that Veteran…

J.P. Durham, Jr., Assist Vice President of Seabord Air Line Railroads of Norfolk, Virginia shown in photograph presenting a photograph of Seabord trains to Abbitt as G.C. Tate, Seabord’s Washington representative looked on. Description on back of…

This State Department Press Release announced the impending arrival of a Soviet agricultural group to the United States to observe farming techniques, confer with U.S. agriculturalists, and explore scientific techniques.